Residential Services

We are one of the only Rainbird Select Irrigation Contractors in Nashville and one of the only contractors endorsed and recommended by the Nashville Urban Tree Forestry Department.

First impressions are everything. The landscaping of your home is truly the first impression that people get when seeing your home. Beautiful landscaping and a functional irrigation system can make your yard truly unique. We offer a wide array of services to make your yard, and in turn your home, have the first impression that it needs.

Our services include, but our not limited to:

  • Installation of all kinds of trees and shrubs
  • Installation of sod
  • Installation of annual flowers
  • Grading services
  • Erosion control solutions
  • Drainage and water retention solutions
  • Perennial installation and care
  • Irrigation system installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair
  • Mulch installation
    Plant health and trimming procedures
  • Hardscapes and light concrete work



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