Lawn Services

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Whether you need schedules mowing services or Grass sod or seeding installation service we can accomodate your future lawn care needs! 

Total Landscaping Maintenance & Mowing
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Sod & Seed Services

Sod is mature turf that has been grown in a controlled environment, which is then cut into squares or rolls for installation. It's intended for an instant lawn with instant results. Sod can be an advantage over grass seed being sewn! Unlike newly sewn grass seed, sod root system is established mature being able to withstand erosion and other environmental conditions such as weather temperature. Installing a new lawn with sod is instant gratification as opposed to sewing grass seed which takes time and patience and perseverance to achieve good results.

Sod Installation Process:
  • First we'll measure the area where the sod will be applied. Next we'll determine which type of sod will be best for your specific application. Sod is then ordered to be delivered in 3 foot rolls or squares.
  • The next step is to prepare the existing turf or new lawn area for sod installation. Prep work is key when you have an existing lawn. The existing turf must be power raked in most cases to return the lot back to dirt. The left over spores dirt will be collected and disposed off property.
  • Next the sod will be professionally laid by our sod installation technicians using a sod roller for best possible results. Sod will be cut by hand around corners and areas that can't be laid with a machine. Once installation is complete, we'll leave you with instructions on how the new sod must be irrigated and kept moist to establish rooting.
Is Sod Installation the Right Choice For Me?
If your desire is to have a lawn right now, sod is for you. If your committed to nurturing the new turf, sod is for you. There is no better way to change the appearance of your lawn in the blink of an eye than installing new turf. Sod is also a great choice for quickly repairing damaged areas of an existing lawn. The alternative to sod installation is growing a lawn over two seasons by traditional plugging and seeding. A sod install will cost more than seeding, but the results will be almost instantaneous.

Types of Sod We Recommend for Nashville and Surrounding areas...
Fescue is a cool season turf. It thrives in cooler temps from Spring and Fall. Fescue turf requires a specific amount of maintenance such as adequate irrigation, fertilization and turf weed control. Installing fescue sod without the commitment to a maintenance plan create a negative result. Fescue sod that is maintained correctly will provide a beautiful lawn that will be noticed and admired in the neighborhood.
Mowing fescue turf with the right equipment is important to obtain a manicured look as well as protecting the health of the turf. Fescue turf thrives best when cut 3-4 inches in height. Fescue may be cut lower in cooler temps.
The best time of year to install fescue sod is early spring and Fall. It can be summer but adequate irrigation would be vital to establish a good root system.
Bermuda Turf: 
Bermuda sod is a warm season turf. Bermuda turf is best applied when it becomes active. Bermuda in Tennessee typically will become active in May and temps reach a normal high of 80 degrees. Bermuda goes into a dormant mode in Tennessee around October. Dormant cycle for Bermuda means the turf will not grow and color will not be green. Bermuda will give 6 months of green vibrant color. With additional maintenance, if desired, Bermuda can be over seeded with winter rye to aid in green color throughout the dormant cycle.
Bermuda can be advantageous as it requires less maintenance and is more drought and disease tolerant. Because Bermuda is so aggressive, it is more resistant to broadleaf weeds. Like fescue, a maintenance program is recommended.
Mowing bermuda turf very short will give the best results. Basic mowers can be used but for best results a reel mower is recommended.